Joey Mills kicks out BF Josh Cannon and takes Colby Jansen’s cock in “The Hands-On Handyman”

This release – called “The Hands-On Handyman” – shows Joey Mills getting fucked by sexy neighbor Colby Jansen. The hot, older neighbor is happy to help out Mrs. Mills with some repairs in her son’s closet.

Colby Jansen doesn’t have time to say anything when her son Joey Mills and his boyfriend Josh Cannon come in and Joey immediately starts sucking Josh’s dick. Colby gets turned on as he watches the twinks.

It’s over all too soon though as Josh unexpectedly cums all over Joey’s face. Joey’s mad and tells his boyfriend to get out because he wanted to get fucked, and luckily the handyman in the closet is up to the task.

Joey is thrilled to finally get his ass bred by a big manly cock and his hole eaten, and as Colby pounds him mish he cums harder than ever before. Even after the burly bear pulls out and covers him with jizz, Joey wants more!

Josh Cannon will soon make his debut at MEN! On the 16th of March, he will appear in a scene together with Nic Sahara.


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Watch Colby Jansen fuck Joey Mills in “The Hands-On Handyman”



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