Falcon Studios: Jesse Zeppelin pounds Devin Franco in “Tales From The Locker Room” (scene 3)

Jesse Zeppelin fucks Devin Franco in the third scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Tales From The Locker Room“. Assertive and irritated sports dad Devin Franco is a stunning young DILF who is pissed that his jock son doesn’t get enough game time. He bursts into Coach Jesse Zeppelin’s office to complain.

Falcon Studios

But Devin Franco‘s bravado and bluster dissolve immediately in the gaze of the sexy seasoned athlete, and within a few seconds they’re tearing each other’s clothes off. Coach Jesse Zeppelin is packing his pouch with some serious meat and when it flops out fat and heavy in Devin’s face, the dirty DILF pounces with a greedy deep throat and submits to a brutal face-fuck.

Coach Jesse can suck a mean dick too, and, soon Devin is on his back on the desk getting blown and tongue-fucked to prime his hole for that bareback, relentless and raw Coach meat that makes his eyes roll back in his head. Jesse pounds a load out of Devin, which Coach slurps up, then creampies his ass, and Devin licks Jesse’s thick dripping dick clean.


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Watch Jesse Zeppelin fuck Devin Franco at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios


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