TimTales: Heracles, Tim Kruger, Diego Mattos, Benjamin King, Niko Demon, Oskar & more

You’ve probably noticed that there have been fewer updates lately. Unfortunately, the Wifi Gods were against us during our vacation… but we’re back and ready to post about the latest gay porn videos. There’s a lot to catch up with, so let’s start with a TimTales video update. Tim Kruger fucks hot newcomer Heracles in their most recent release.

Benjamin King bottoms for Diego Mattos and takes that huge Brazilian cock. Hung TimTales exclusive Nan Maso pumps his raw monster deep into power bottom Freddy Salvador and Oskar rides Niko Demon’s cock till it explodes inside of him.


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Heracles gets fucked by Tim Kruger

It’s not every day that you’re invited to breed the raw hole of Zeus’ son. Continuing our muscle gods week, Tim Kruger meets with one sexy bodybuilder from Madrid. Spaniard power bottom Heracles is a huge bull. You won’t see any fat covering this perfect body.

Like any bodybuilder will tell you, it’s all about nutrition. And Heracles devours huge dicks. So with Tim’s legendary massive cock, it’s a match made in heaven. Watch that muscle ass getting bred like a true pig bottom.



Benjamin King takes Diego Mattos’ huge cock

À la demande générale, TimTales Exclusive’s the ridiculously thick cock Brazilian wonder Diego Mattos is finally back on our sunny terrace to bless us with his beer can dick. It’s still the thickest raw dick of them all. And surely Benjamin King can testify.

Oh, dear Lord, that’s the most massive cock he’s ever taken. Truly an out-of-body experience that expands one’s whorizons. Watch that big muscle ass open up so wide to accommodate that perfect dick. Fits like a glove! Benjamin King won’t forget that fuck fest anytime soon.



Nano Maso fucks power bottom Freddy Salvador

Nano Maso and his perfectly massive cock are back for another breeding ride. Have you seen that cock yet? It’s simply sublime. Very thick, perfectly shaped, and long enough to reach your male g-spot.

Ain’t it right, Freddy Salvador? Our bodybuilder power bottom is ready to take all that raw cock deep inside. There’s intense chemistry between those two. Watch them fuck under the warm sun of Barcelona. They make love over the edge of our terrace like a true Titanic moment. Put on your sunglasses and get ready to be blinded by that heat.



Oskar Ivan gets fucked by Niko Demon

Que safado! Niko Demon is right, Oskar Ivan is an insatiable puto today! Watch him make that Brazilian cock disappear down his throat. To be fair, it’s hard not to lose control with such a dominant macho top. Niko is rough in all the good ways.

That Brazilian street fighter type of guy takes ownership of that raw eager hole. Don’t miss an epic cumshot. Oskar Ivan rides that dick till it explodes inside him. All the good stuff you like.



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