Pride Studios: Gustav Netto gets fucked by Atlas Grant in “Unicorns & Cum”

For this locker room scene – called “Unicorns & Cum“, the Pride Studios network has paired up Gustav Netto and Atlas Grant. The bearded hotties discover their mutual affinity for a certain type of mythical beast, they bond in the locker room before realizing they share another thing in common; the lust for another guy.

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Atlas Grant quickly gets Gustav Netto out of his shorts and plunges his tongue deep into his waiting hole. Gustav moans with pleasure as Atlas replaces his tongue with his rock hard cock, fucking Gustav right there as he strokes himself off.

He flips Gustav around and fucks the cum out of him, then drenches him with his locker room load, covering his new best gym bud in a puddle of cum. Luckily the showers are only a few feet away… but that’s a story for another time.


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