Evan Knoxx debuts at CockyBoys and fucks Dallas Preston in “I Vant To Suck Your Cock”

Halloween is the perfect night to sit by the fire and tell ghost stories, and Dallas Preston thinks he has one to seduce Evan Knoxx in his CockyBoys debut! It’s the legend of Joe & Raif from The Haunting, which Dallas spookily tells to Evan who claims he doesn’t scare easily.

Dallas Preston has a trick up his sleeve to find out for sure, but does he really need it? Once Dallas kisses him, Evan Knoxx has zero resistance. Dallas’s lips soon move to Evan’s neck, then to his nipples and hard abs. He goes further down to Evan’s big bulge that he can’t stop feeling up and sucking through Evan’s shorts.


When Evan finally pulls out his beautiful dick, Dallas gives his cock loving oral attention fit for a king. Evan loves the worshipful attention but he’s craving something too: Dallas’ hole. Evan uses his tongue and his fingers on Dallas on his way to owning his hole.

Dallas loves it so much! He rides his tongue and bends over again to suck Evan again. Finally, when Evan asks if he wants to be fucked, Dallas sits on Evan’s cock to ride it deep and take all of his upward thrusts.

Dallas keeps riding Evan every which way he can until Evan wants to move to a comfier spot. He makes out with Dallas and sucks him generously and opens his hole once more before pounding him on his back.

Evan keeps going in every position until he makes Dallas shoot his load. He then shoots his load over his hole, breeds him with it and feed him the rest. As they kiss Dallas gets one more nice surprise from Evan. No trick, and definitely a treat.

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