Raging Stallion: Draven Navarro gets fucked by Ricky Larkin in “Cake Shop” (scene 3)

This is the third scene from Raging Stallion’s “Cake Shop” in which Ricky Larkin fucks Draven Navarro. Flat-Earther Ricky and his re-virginized bride want a wedding cake made by ‘The Gays’ to show themselves how open-minded they are.

Jake Nicola has no choice but to take the order because in America ‘we have to serve everyone equally. Beaux Banks sabotages their big day by delivering an ugly dollar store sheet cake. A furious and sexually frustrated Ricky Larkin storms the shop in his tuxedo demanding retribution from cashier Draven Navarro, who’s unaware of the prank.

Raging Stallion

Ricky lets slip the truth his wife has been holding out until the wedding, and now he’ll never get laid. Before Draven knows what’s happening, Ricky is slapping full heavy balls on his chin as he fucks Draven’s face, demanding satisfaction.

The grumpy groom likes Draven’s skills and his tux comes off to reveal a hairy, jacked bod. Ricky’s cock slams Draven’s tight muscle hole bareback and milks out every last drop of seed from the straight stud’s sack.


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Raging Stallion


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