Disruptive Films: Dakota Payne fucks daddy Matthew Figata in “The Collector”

Director Walden Woods has filmed another scene for Disruptive Films. “The Collector” is an intergenerational update starring Dakota Payne and daddy Matthew Figata.

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Influencer Kai Carson (played by Dakota Payne) gets in a freak accident after trying to film himself in a remote location. He discovers that he’s been ‘rescued’ by an older recluse named Lester Guthrie (played by Matthew Figata).

Kai is unaware that Lester set boobie traps around his wooded home to collect visitors. With both legs sprained and no access to his phone, the social media star is completely dependent on the strange man to care for him. And he intends to… in every single way.

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Watch Dakota Payne fuck Matthew Figata in “The Collector”



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