Cade Maddox dominates Dakota Payne and fucks him raw in “Enduring Daddy’s Discipline” (sc 2)

This is the second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Enduring Daddy’s Discipline“. In this video, Cade Maddox dominates Dakota Payne and drills his hole by using a huge dildo and his own thick raw cock.

It is an unwritten rule that big bros are supposed to rough up their little bros so they grow up to be strong men, but Cade Maddox takes is further. And who wouldn’t want him to? Cade is a gorgeous young man with an incredible body and a huge, fully engorged cock.

When Cade Maddox gets Dakota Payne alone in the bedroom, Dakota quickly learns who is in charge. Cade brutalizes Dakota’s ass by fucking him raw, and goes further by sodomizing him with a huge dildo.

Watch Cade destroy Dakota’s ass in “Enduring Daddy’s Discipline” (scene 2)

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Watch Cade Maddox and Dakota Payne fuck at Lucas Entertainment


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