CockyBoys: Blake Mitchell fucks Avery Jones in “Hollywood and Vine” (scene 2)

The guys from CockyBoys have released the second scene from their “Hollywood and Vine” series, which brings Blake Mitchell back! He plays talent agent Kevin Blake (in a way you’ve never seen Blake before). Avery Jones is his personal assistant boyfriend… and the power behind the power. If you think you know what’s going on between these two lovers, you’re in for a surprise.

When a movie review hints Nick Leon (Nico Leon) is gay, his domineering agent Kevin (Blake Mitchell) loses it, especially when he learns Nick slept with the writer (Tayte Hanson). In the aftermath Nick’s boyfriend Leo Grand (who’s Blake’s real-life boyfriend) gets some relationship advice from Avery Jones who also shows him by example how to handle his man.


At home the sexual dynamic between Avery Jones and Kevin (Blake Mitchell) plays out on a webcam for a shocked but turned-on audience of one: Leo. Avery teases and sucks Kevin (Blake) slowly, making him beg for more. He edges him to comply with his desires. And just as Avery wants and commands, Kevin eats out his smooth hole and teases it with his dick before letting Kevin fuck him.

Soon Avery sits down Kevin (Blake) to tease his cock more and beg Avery to ride him. Avery works his hole on his cock and when he alone is ready gets Kevin (Blake) to thrust up into him. Avery maintains perfect control as he soon switches to ride Kevin (Blake) in another position working his hole to edge them both.

Kevin (Blake) gets Avery into position to fuck him from behind”

Soon Kevin (Blake) carries him to bed for full-on 69 in which their dynamic slowly reverses. After much mutual cock-sucking Kevin (Blake) gets Avery into position to fuck him. He starts to fuck him from behind, since he knows that’s how he wants it, in front of the mirror.

Kevin (Blake) soon pins him down and drills him harder, pulling out just as he starts cumming and fucking his jizz into Avery. Right away Kevin (Blake) rolls him on his back and Avery blows his load for him. And in the end Avery shows Leo he got just what he wanted.

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