CockyBoys: Austin Avery, Kane Fox & Adrian Hart in “Love Happens” (part two)

Adrian Hart and Kane Fox take their relationship issues to the sexual awakening retreat in the second episode of the CockyBoys series “Love Happens“. The sexy couple gets some unexpected help from Austin Avery!

When the couple gets to the retreat and settles in, Kane Fox gets Adrian Hart to relax as the boys make out in bed. It helps that there are mirrors in the room so they can watch themselves suck each other’s cocks.

It leads to a heated 69 and Adrian Hart giving a facial to Kane Fox. Time to relax and enjoy each other’s company? Nope. Adrian is soon out the door for naked yoga!


A dejected Kane sits outside alone, but not for long as free-spirited Austin Avery sees him from afar and comes over. He charms Kane and gets him to confide he’s afraid to bottom. No problem!

Austin offers to show him how! He makes out with Kane and gives him good head and soon they’re locked in a passionate 69. Kane is so into sucking Avery and he brings him over the edge. Austin strokes out a load and Kane gobbles up every drop but still begs to be fucked. No problem for Austin who simply needs a few minutes to recover!


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Back inside the guys make out again but Kane is still not ready. So, Austin gets him to relax his mind then eats out Kane’s hole. He takes his time entering Kane slowly, easing him into taking his cock. In time Austin goes deeper and faster and kisses Kane to help him along. This time it’s Kane who makes a move and gets on all fours for more fucking.

Austin gives Kane his best, plowing him from behind and getting on top to drill him before taking him from the side. Austin continues to make out and with his cock buried deep inside his he makes Kane cum.

And soon Austin Avery is ready again too and shoots a load between Kane’s legs. Kane Fox couldn’t be happier with what Austin did for him. But has Kane really changed because of this experience?

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Watch Austin Avery fuck Kane Fox in “Love Happens” (part 2)



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