Pride Studios: Asher Devin pounds Liam Greer’s bare hole in “Pounding My Meat”

This Extra Big Dicks release from the Pride Studios network is called “Pounding My Meat“. Liam Greer can barely hear himself think from all the racket going on in the next room. When he investigates and discovers that the sound is coming from Asher Devin pounding his cock against one of the moving boxes, he thinks his senses are betraying him.

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For one thing, he can’t believe someone’s dick could make so much noise, until he sees just how big Asher Devin‘s cock really is. He then suddenly can’t believe his own eyes. Lucky for him, Asher is in the mood to give him a much closer look, so Liam Greer helps himself to the feast of a cock in front of him.

Asher is rock hard and ready to pound Liam into submission. He has to ease it in first, patiently, because Liam can barely take it all. No stranger to a tentative partner, Asher glides it in slowly until Liam is used to such a big cock filling up his hole.

Once Liam is confident, he gives Asher the go ahead to pound away. That’s all the green light Asher needs, as he proceeds to fuck Liam like he’s never been fucked before. Suddenly it’s Liam making all the noise as Asher fucks the cum out of him before drenching him with his own load, coating Liam in the noisiest cum-bath he’s every received.


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Watch Asher Devin fuck Liam Greer in “Pounding My Meat”

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