Falcon Studios: Adrian Hart gets fucked by Roman Todd in “4 The Fans” (scene 3)

This is the third scene from the Falcon Studios movie “4 The Fans“. Naked and on set with a crew of cameramen capturing every moment, muscle stud Adrian Hart is ready to get dicked down by the hunky Roman Todd.

Falcon Studios

Roman’s hard cock disappears in Adrian’s open throat as Adrian swallows every inch of his scene partner. With his dick completely stiff and ready to fuck, Roman Todd turns Adrian Hart over to rim his hole before barebacking him.

Adrian’s bubble butt is on full display as Roman rapidly thrusts his cock in and out of the moaning bottom. On his back with his legs thrown in the hair, Adrian lays here rock hard with Roman’s horned-up cock showing no signs of slowing down.

A few more pumps of Roman’s meat cause Adrian to bust a load of thick nut all over his defined abs right before Roman pulls out to smother Adrian’s taint in a coat of his seed.

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Watch Roman Todd fuck Adrian Hart in “4 The Fans” (scene 3)

Falcon Studios


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