Pride Studios: Clay Towers bottoms for Aaron Trainer in “Give Me That Big Dick”

This Extra Big Dicks release from the Pride Studios network is called “Give Me That Big Dick“. Clay Towers is hanging out in his bed waiting for Aaron Trainer to arrive while he talks on the phone with a friend. Clay is excited to be fucked by his big dick.

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Aaron Trainer arrives and they waste no time in getting naked and Clay Towers begins to worship that big fat cock of his. He loves every inch of that hard cock in his mouth as he feels the ridges and throb of it. Arron spreads those legs and gets his ass nice and lubed up with spit so he can ease his cock in.

Aaron pushes his big cock into Clay’s tight ass and it slowly opens up for him. Once he is balls deep he begins to thrust in and out making Clay moan with pleasure. Aaron fucks Clay all over the bed until he fucks the cum right out of him and than he shoots his load all over Clay.


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