Alex Mecum, JJ Knight & Michael Boston fuck in “Hot Rock Confessions” (scene 2)

The second scene from the mini-series “Hot Rock Confessions” is a bareback sauna threeway! JJ Knight and Michael Boston have barely put their towels down before they start getting frisky in the sauna. Alex Mecum is watching them.

JJ Knight and Michael Boston don’t even notice Alex Mecum observing them through the window as Michael jacks JJ’s huge cock. When Alex and his husband enter, they break apart just before Michael was about to swallow that dick. Alex wants to keep watching and even join in while his husband is none the wiser.

Alex strokes his cock as he watches Michael suck JJ’s dick, then it’s his turn to get his dick sucked by the handsome bottom. When Alex’s husband leaves for some much needed hydration, this bareback sauna threeway really heats up.

Alex and JJ take turns fucking Michael’s tight hole, and Alex tries taking JJ’s big dick while Michael gives him a blowjob. The jig is up when his husband returns just as Alex blows a huge load on Michael’s perfect round ass!


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