Aaden Stark fucks Javi Velaro and Donato Reyes in “Screwing On The Sly” (scene 2)

The second scene from “Screwing On The Sly” is a hot threesome, starring Aaden Stark, Javi Velaro and Donato Reyes.┬áThe handsome, tall, and lean Aaden Stark has been known to submit his ass for a rough, raw fucking on several occasions from some of the more seasoned (and brutal) tops at Lucas Entertainment.

But in this encounter Aaden is in charge and uses his uncut cock to fuck not one, but two handsome Latin men. The smoothly muscled Javi Velaro and the beefy muscular jock Donato Ryes both take turns servicing Aaden.

Watch Aaden Stark fuck Javi Velaro and Donato Reyes

Lucas Entertainment

See Aaden Stark top Javi Velaro and Donato Reyes at Lucas Entertainment


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