William Seed fucks Michael Boston and cums in his face in “Dangerous Hideout”

A fugitive William Seed, a tied-up Thyle Knoxx and a very controlling Michael Boston. Those are the three main ingredients for this video, called “Dangerous Hideout“. Sexy Michael Boston is feeling a little frisky in his leather jockstrap with matching whip when he’s interrupted by the gorgeous William Seed, asking to use his phone.

After a very suspicious phone call, William’s attention is turned to the sounds coming from Michael’s room, only to discover that Michael has the handsome Thyle Knoxx tied up with his mouth tapped in his bed!

William tries to sneak out, but Michael catches him and invites him to stay and play. It’s an offer he can’t refuse. Michael sits William on the bed and proceeds to go down on his thick and meaty, uncut cock as a wide-eyed Thyle looks on.

His deep-throating skills are so amazing that noone notices Thyle trying to leave the room and stumbling on William’s duffle bag full of cash. Michael then starts riding William’s huge cock every-which-way possible until Michael gets so deep inside him that he cums all over himself, and William blows his load all over Michael’s face and pretty mouth.

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Watch William Seed fuck Michael Boston in “Dangerous Hideout”

Watch William Seed and Michael Boston fuck in the full-length video


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