Raging Stallion: Jaxx Maxim and Donnie Argento fuck in “Manscent” part 4

The fourth scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Manscent” brings together bearded hotties Jaxx Maxim and Donnie Argento. Inked stud Jaxx and his hairy bud Donnie inhale each other’s ‘Manscent’ and have a quick make out session. Jaxx gets on his knees and starts deep-throating Donnie’s hairy cock.

Donnie grabs the back of Jaxx Maxim‘s head to make sure he goes all the way down to Donnie Argento‘s sack with his mouth. When it’s Donnie’s turn, he stares up at his tatted bud while he works his lips up and down Jaxx’s shaft. Jaxx reasserts his dominance when he bends Donnie over to lick his crack. The feeling of Jaxx’s bearded face in between his fuzzy cheeks has Donnie’s eyes rolling. When Donnie is ready for a bareback pounding, he bends over and Jaxx fits his thick cock into Donnie’s eager ass.

“He holds a leg up and continues to take that raw ass-drilling”

He grabs Donnie by the hips to make sure his meat is reaching the maximum depths inside his hole. Switching positions, Donnie takes a few quick sniffs of Jaxx’s pits. He holds a leg up and continues to take that raw ass-drilling. While Jaxx keeps stretching his hole, Donnie grabs onto his thick cock and strokes it. He erupts with a fountain of cum that drenches his abs. Seeing Donnie unload, is all it takes for Jaxx to pull his cock out and coat Donnie’s taint with his own thick load! He then slides his dripping cock back into Donnie.

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Watch Jaxx Maxim and Donnie Argento fuck in “Manscent” part 4


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