Helix Studios: Travis Stevens plows Jacob Hansen’s smooth twink hole in “Dicked Down”

Today’s new bareback scene from Helix Studios is called “Dicked Down” and brings together Travis Stevens and Jacob Hansen. The boys smolder in their sensual, black and red bedroom built for some serious fucking. After a sexy snog session, Hansen releases Stevens’ raging hard rig right into his mouth and does some delicious, deep throat damage. In turn,

Travis Stevens tackles the twink’s formidable phallus, throating the thick dick down to his big, cum filled balls. Travis stands up, turns Jacob Hansen around, and puts that well worked out body to ass bangin’ work! He slams his stiff dick deep into Hansen’s hungry hole and puts a piece peen pounding punishing down on the pretty boy! Travis ups his top game and gets creative with that colossal cock. He hammers Hansen upside down for an even deeper dicking.

Steven then orders Jacob onto the bed; and, he brings this fuck session to a boil by banging Jacob’s hungry hole even harder and deeper! Rock hard the entire time, Jacob jacks his jock till it jets jizz all over his tight, twink six pack. Then, Travis pulls out and paints the boy’s body with blast after blast of beautiful boy bust! They panting pretty boys end this raunchy, romantic, ram session with a salacious kiss.

Watch Travis Stevens fuck Jacob Hansen in “Dicked Down”

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