Reality Dudes: Blake Ellis gets fucked in the latest Str8 Chaser video

The Reality Dudes network has released a new Str8 Chaser video. This time, it’s Blake Ellis who gets his tight hole fucked. He sucks dick, gets fucked and receives a creamy cum facial… oh, the things they do for money!

I spotted Blake Ellis getting some sun at the park and just had to get closer to this cutie. I could tell Blake was going to be a tough nut to crack when he wasn’t interested in an interview at all, but he was so eager when I offered him ten bucks to talk to me I decided to see just how far I could get! The more cash Blake had in his hand, the more he was willing to show, including his surprisingly hairy ass and his dick, and for more money he agreed to come back to my hotel and suck my dick. Blake said he’d never had anything in his ass before, but he seemed to really enjoy my cock in it, and I came all over his face, then watched him jerk off till he blew a big load.

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