MEN update: Aaron Reese, Armond Rizzo, John Magnum, Kaleb Stryker, Paul Canon & Luis Rubi

This update covers the studio’s three latest releases, starting with today’s hot scene. Aaron Reese makes his debut in “Room of Desire” and fucks power bottom Armond Rizzo. Hot daddy John Magnum plows Kaleb Stryker’s ass in “Practice Makes Perfect“, while Luis Rubi bottoms for Paul Canon in the second scene from the “Model’s Choice” mini-series.

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“Room of Desire” – Aaron Reese and Armond Rizzo


Armond Rizzo and Aaron Reese stare at each other from across a table, the two of them alone in a stark white room where nothing stands between them and everything that they desire. The two sexy men take out their cocks and stroke them, showing off for each other before climbing onto the table to experience each other’s bodies for real. Armond strokes Aaron’s thick cock, the tall ebony hunk taking the dark-haired bottom’s face in his hands for an intense and passionate kiss.

Aaron Reese tongues Armond Rizzo‘s hole, giving him a long and intimate rim job before giving the small and muscular stud the entire length of his thick cock. Armond loves every second of it, moaning with ecstasy as Aaron dominates his tight hole. Aaron fucks the cum out of Armond before stroking his own massive load out for an amazed Armond.

Watch Aaron Reese fuck Armond Rizzo in “Room of Desire”


“Practice Makes Perfect” – John Magnum and Kaleb Stryker


Kaleb Stryker is desperate to hang out with his friend James but James isn’t impressed by Kaleb’s blowjob skills. Kaleb gets left hot and bothered with a dildo to practice his head skills, which leads to sexy blue-eyed muscle daddy John Magnum being treated to quite the sight when he comes home. John gets a raging hard-on watching Kaleb sucking the dildo and has to get in on the action.

John Magnum teases Kaleb Stryker‘s mouth with the dildo, making him show off his technique before getting a sample of the real thing. John fucks Kaleb’s eager mouth, shoving his massive cock into the younger stud’s mouth before bending him over to give his tight ass a pounding. Kaleb blows his load all over himself as John hammers him then lets the bald stud blast a thick cum shot across his neck and chest.

Watch Kaleb Stryker take John Magnum’s daddy dick


“Model’s Choice” (part two) – Paul Canon and Luis Rubi


Luis Rubi has had a crush on Paul Canon since he saw him in hit series Stealth Fuckers, so we he was told that he got to choose his partner for his model’s choice scene, he jumped at the opportunity. Luis loves Paul’s cute hands and feet, his hot face and his incredible body, and when the two sexy studs meet for the first time the feeling is clearly mutual.

The two hotties love to go with the flow and see where their passions take them, which as it turns out is for Luis Rubi to wrap his lips around Paul Canon‘s thick cock for an expert blowjob before Paul tongue fuck’s Luis’ eager hole. Once Luis’ ass is warmed up he takes Paul’s huge cock all the way in, riding the hung hunk until he can barely take it any more and the two men blow their thick loads all over each other.

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