Detective Damon Heart tops Malek Tobias in Men At Play’s “The Interrogation”

Men At Play has released a hot scene starring Damon Heart and Malek Tobias. The suited hunks suck and fuck in “The Interrogation“. Detective Damon Heart has taken white-collar criminal Malek Tobias into custody. After months of being hot on his trail, he’s finally gotten him in a tight spot, right where he wants him.

Damon lays out his overwhelming evidence against Malek assuring him he’s facing at least 15 years of being someone’s jail bitch unless he’s willing to sign a plea deal. Of course, the plea deal that he is envisioning might require Malek to also let him deep into his tight spots. Malek is out of options and to knock 8 years off his sentence agreeably grants Detective Heart full access to all of his holes. Detective Heart even shows Malek another way to make good use out of a silk tie.

For the first time in history, Men At Play is offering $1.00 trial memberships. A trial membership gives you two days of access. Alternatively, you can get a full membership for only 20 dollars per month.

Watch Damon Heart fuck Malek Tobias at Men At Play

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Watch Damon Heart and Malek Tobias fuck in the full video


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