Next Door update: Johnny Hill, Elye Black, Mark Long, Dante Colle, Elliot Finn, Alex James & more

Here’s our weekly Next Door Studios update with previews of their recent and upcoming scenes. This week, the porn network releases 5 new videos, of which one is a solo. Also, there are two hardcore duos as well as two very hot threesomes. In tomorrow’s release – called “Caught You” – the sexy Elye Black bottoms for Johnny Hill.

Today’s release – starring Mark Long, Dante Colle and Elliot Finn – is the first scene from a new series, called “Going Down On The Farm“. The other threeway is called “3 Can Play That Game” and brings together Lance Ford, Dominic Green and Alex James. Next Door Studios has paired up Trevor Laster and Spencer Laval for a hot flip-fuck scene, called “Country Livin’“.  The fifth video is a casting video featuring Andre Grey. This newbie loves to show off, but I am not really convinced that we will see more of him.

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“Caught You” – Johnny Hill and Elye Black


While his roommate naps, Elye Black tries to secretly explore his anal fantasies with his giant secret dildo, but roomie Johnny Hill catches him in the act. Elye’s pretty embarrassed until Johnny tells him the only thing he should be embarrassed about is messing with a dildo when the real thing is right here in front of him. Johnny asks Elye if he wants some real dick and Elye’s grin answers for him. Johnny takes the lead and his experience pays off as he shows Elye Black how it’s done before giving him a taste. Once he’s nice and hard, Johnny gives Elye the dick he’s been missing all his life, fucking him until he’s squirted every last ounce of jizz he has inside him, before dousing him with his first load. Real dick… real cum… a real good time!

Watch Johnny Hill fuck Elye Black’s eager hole at Next Door Studios


“Going Down On The Farm” (part 1) – Mark Long, Dante Colle and Elliot Finn


Here on the Buckin’ Bronco Farm, the guys work hard and play a little harder. Some shenanigans are always expected but it’s a delicate situation when the boss is around, so when he heads into town, Elliott Finn takes the opportunity to steal some time with Dante in the stable. Dante Colle doesn’t want to get caught by the boss-man, but he doesn’t mind when he catches fellow ranch hand Mark Long watching them from one of the stalls. He motions Mark over as Elliott sucks him off, and Mark slides his rock hard dick against the side of Elliott’s ass. Elliott turns and discovers Mark standing behind him.

He looks up Dante looking on approvingly, and smiles, falling back onto Dante’s dick as Mark continues to rub himself against his hole. They turn him around as Dante slides his bareback cock deep into Elliott’s hole. Elliott sucks Mark off down to the base but Mark is looking to bury his cock in something a little more warm. He flips Elliott Finn around and plunges his 8′ cock all the way into Elliott as Dante looks on with hunger. He watches Mark fuck his beau and then decides he wants to take a turn, mounting Mark and giving him a cowboy ride worthy of the farm’s namesake. It’s just too bad for Mark he’s not the only who was watching…

Watch “Going Down On The Farm” part 1 at Next Door Studios


“3 Can Play That Game” – Lance Ford, Dominic Green and Alex James


Well, well, well… it looks like Alex James‘ secret is about to catch up to him. It seems Alex has been running around on his boyfriend Dominic Green for the last 3 months. When his sidepiece confronts Dominic, he finds out Alex and Dominic have been together for 4 years, and he’s the one being played. Dejected, he apologizes for being a home-wrecker, but Dominic is surprisingly calm. In fact, the whole situation gives Dominic an idea of how he and Alex can spice up their sex life, and he invites Lance to be in on it. After all, one look at Lance Ford and Dominic has to admit: at least Alex picked a hot one to cheat with. But now it’s time for Alex’s two worlds to collide, and Dominic has the perfect scenario in mind…

Watch Lance Ford, Dominic Green and Alex James fuck


“Country Livin'” – Trevor Laster and Spencer Laval


Out in the country, things are a little bit slower than normal, and sometimes you have be creative to fill the time, but that doesn’t mean that country boys don’t know how to have their fun. The only thing is, there ain’t a lot to choose from out in the sticks, so sometimes you have to make do with what you have in front of you, and in Spencer Laval‘s case, what he has in front of him is a big ol’ naked cowboy named Trevor Laster.

Now Spencer ain’t gay, as such, but he does like the feeling of a mouth on his nuts, and right now, the only mouth available belongs to Trevor. What Spencer doesn’t realize is that Trevor could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and now that he’s got his big ol’ farm boy lips wrapped around that dick, he might never let go. Spencer’s hesitation gives way to his lust and the cowboy inside him takes over. He saddles up Trevor and takes him for a ride, pounding him all over the stable until the cows come home and the cowboys cum hard.

Watch Trevor Laster and Spencer Laval fuck each other


“Casting Audition” – Andre Grey


Andre Grey loves showing off for the camera! He’s so excited to show off his body and cock for the camera. He even asks if he can use a toy! Of course we were happy to let him. What do you think, will Andre Grey be back at Next Door Studios?

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