Helix update: Alex Riley, Collin Adams, Shane Cook, Andy Taylor, Micah West & Tyler Sweet

The three most recent videos from Helix Studios are worth checking out. Here are the previews, starting with today’s release, called “Power Fuck“. This is Alex Riley’s second scene for Helix Studios. Collin Adams bottoms for Alex Riley and clearly enjoys that pounding. He swallows Alex’s big load, too!

After nearly one year of absence, Shane Cook is back at Helix and fucks Andy Taylor’s tight boy hole in “Thick and Juicy“. Sexy bottom boy Tyler Sweet rides Micah West’s big raw cock in “West Does It Best“.

Helix Studios

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“Power Fuck” – Alex Riley and Collin Adams


Alex Riley is a randy, rowdy fuck and definitely means business! Cutie Collin Adams is at his mercy, looking adorable sitting on on the masculine young man’s lap. After some playful necking on the couch, Riley’s ravenous hunger has him heading south. He takes his time, tantalizing and teasing the twink over his blue briefs; then, the cock hungry hottie goes in for the kill. Adams helps the deep throat demon, grabbing the gorgeous boy by the hair and heaving his whole head down onto his hog. Alex gives Adams’ gonads a shine, then helps the dude pull down his own drawers so Collin can eat some cock.

Alex Riley gives him erotic encouragement the entire time with a bit of dirty talk, orgasmic moans, and some hard face fucking. Riley is revved up beyond belief and ready to punish Adams’ ass with his spit slick dick. He pushes pretty boy down on the ottoman in the center of the room and rams his raging hard, raw rod in Collin Adams’ cock pit! He quickly puts some power into his pounding, smashing Adams’ smooth ass and using every sexy, sinewy muscle in his hot, hard body to do it.

The olive skinned hottie tops the fuck out of Collin’s can, absolutely annihilating that ass in porn perfect positions all over that ottoman, and couch before bottom boy is ready to bust! With his legs spread eagle, Collin’s cock erupts in orgasmic glory, spewing hot young spunk all over his tight, toned stomach. Knowing he’s more than satisfied his boy, aggressive ass master Alex pulls his prime piece out, and cum hungry Collin plants his pretty face right in the line of fire. Alex Riley rips out a few big bursts before Adams stuffs the still spitting dick down his throat. He laps up every ounce of cream he can, then snowballs the porny protein shake onto his top’s tongue with a cum covered kiss.

Watch Alex Riley pound Collin Adams at Helix Studios


“Thick and Juicy” – Shane Cook and Andy Taylor


Shane Cook is back with his Coke can cock and ready to rail Andy Taylor’s tight bubble butt for all he’s worth! The gorgeous guys ravish one another in a seriously steamy make out session, and while cock connoisseur Taylor reaches for Cook’s thick dick, Shane reaches around to spread Andy’s amazing ass and tease his sweet center. Unable to control his ravenous hunger for Cook’s uncut monster, Andy drops to he knees and gives the engorged Goliath the wet mouth worship it deserves. Shane thanks the lad with some deep throat action; but, Andy’s dick desires kick back in and he goes back for seconds!

He gives Shane a sloppy good groin gulping, ensuring the giant jock is slick with enough spit to slide in his hot little hole. Even though he covered that cock in nature’s lube, it takes Taylor’s tight tunnel a second to sit down on the big beast! Eventually he works the oversized appendage deep into his loins, filling his entire body with the sweet sensation of pleasure and pain as he hops up and down on that dick. Shane man-handles the lil’ hottie over onto his back, then plugs his cock back in that beautiful booty. He works Andy’s ass expertly, sliding that big cock all the way in, then all the way out as Andy flips over for a dirty dogging. Shane absolutely pummels the pretty boy in this position!

He wraps his hand around the naughty boy’s neck and nails away till a pounding percussion permeates the room. This takes Taylor to the edge and he launches a lusty load clear out of frame! Cook grabs his goo gun and blasts a butt load of nut right at bottom boy’s freshly banged button! However, Shane Cook isn’t nearly finished fucking! He crams that colossal cock back in and pumps his porn putty deep into the dude’s donk with several more steamy strokes! A delicious drop of fresh nut drips from Taylor’s hole and the boys finish this cream pie surprise with a hot kiss.

Watch Andy Taylor take Shane Cook’s big raw cock


“West Does It Best” – Micah West and Tyler Sweet


Micah West is back to dominate Tyler Sweet’’s smooth hole! From the moment they appear on screen, the chemistry is clear. These boys want it bad, and Micah’s main objective is to please hard bodied twunk Tyler. After deep kisses and groin gripping, Micah wraps his mouth around Tyler’s hard cock before spinning the fine-assed fella around and tonguing his tight pucker to make room for his famously large phallus. After getting Sweet’s sphincter slick with spit, Mr. West stands up to do his work.

He pulls his drawers down and that big ball buster of a boner bounces out, standing tall with stiff strength. He aims his big dick at Tyler’s tender tush and presses forward till his balls touch booty. Sweet moans in complete ecstasy as he takes a beautiful beating. To show his appreciation, bottom boy turns around and delivers a delicious knob job while West fingers his open ass and fucks his face hard. Missing that monster, Tyler tumbles back on the bed and throws his legs in the air. The open ass invitation is all Micah needs to get going once again.

He blasts that ass with strong strokes, causing Tyler’s toes to curl with carnal satisfaction. When West lays back, his power bottom instinctively hops on that ram rod for the raw ride of his life, hopping up on his feet to feel the full length of his man’s oversized staff as he slams his hot, horny hole down deep. After a hard hammering work out, Sweet grabs his meat and strokes it to completion just as Micah’s about to bust. With Sweet still straddling him, West wanks his wide weapon till it fires a fuck wad of white heat all of his boy’s muscle ass! His creamy load covers both cheeks with one perfect blast landing smack dab in the center. It oozes down that smooth sexy crack and heads straight for the boy’s freshly fucked hole as the spent bone buddies kiss.

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