Str8 Chaser: Skyler Dee gets tricked into fucking Kye Storm’s ass

The guys from Str8 Chaser have filmed another Bait Bus style video. Skyler Dee is a horny straight guy, who is being tricked into fucking another dude’s ass. Miss Kitty is the bait, who gets every straight guy into her van. She blindfolds Skyler and makes him think that she’s going to suck his dick. In reality, it’s Kye Storm who wraps his lips around the guy’s cock… and that’s just the beginning.

I brought my lady Miss Kitty and my buddy Kye to have some fun today. We cruised around the college campus until we found Skyler sitting on a bench. He said he was waiting for his girlfriend, but when Kitty told him she wanted to fuck and twerked her ass, she quickly enticed him into the truck!

Little did he know Kye was hiding in the back, and once Kitty put a blindfold on him Kye started sucking Skyler’s cock! When Skyler took the blindfold off he wanted to dip, but my chica talked him into sucking Kye’s cock and fucking his ass before cumming in Kye’s mouth!

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