Ashton Summers, Josh Brady & Travis Stevens double-fuck each other in “Double or Nothing”

Oh-Em-Gee! Helix Studios has released “Double or Nothing” and it’s an epic scene!! Holes are being stretched to the max as Ashton Summers, Josh Brady and Travis Stevens double-penetrate each other! Real-life boyfriends, Ashton and Travis decide to add a third sexy stud to this party. And then, they decide to double the dick in each one of their holes!

But first, some serious cock sucking goes down! From dick licking trains, to our boyfriends working in tandem to tantalize Brady’s beefy bone, this masculine, meat eating montage leaves no cock uncleaned. Summers is a sex dream cum to life, and our boy loves every erotic aspect of the act, even watching his boyfriend, Travis getting porned out by Brady. Stevens squats down on the dude’s big rig; as, Ashton spreads his smooth backseat to take in the schlong slamming scene.

Then, Ashton Summers adds his enormous appendage to the party. Travis Stevens takes both guy’s engorged cocks like a champ, and the boys do not go easy on him! Ashton is up next. He sits his lusty Latin loins down on his boy’s beefed up bone, then Josh Brady slams his giant into the already crowded, cock hungry hole. You can see the sweet mix of pleasure and pain on Ashton’s fuck me face, while both dude’s drill him hard.

Double or Nothing

Finally, it’s jock boy Josh’s turn to get torn up. The cock horny couple lay down and put their dicks together, creating one fucking fat piece of meat to stretch the shit out of their lucky third. Alpha man Brady surprisingly slides right down onto the double dose of dicks. We guess, even an alpha needs to be stretched like a bitch sometimes! The double ducking drives the dude to a new place of pleasure, and it isn’t long before Brady’s big beast blows, blasting a heaping helping of hot jizz onto his happy trail and throbbing hard cock!

Porn’s perfect couple are next to explode! Ashton grabs both their girthy groins and strokes them together with one hand, until they bust in beautiful unison! Josh renters the picture to thank his double pleasure givers with generous kisses and caresses, as fresh cum slips and slides between the sexy, stretched out thrupple.

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Helix Studios

Watch Ashton, Travis and Josh double-fuck each other


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