Andy Taylor enjoys Travis Stevens’ raw cock in “Cream Pie Guys” from Helix Studios

Travis Stevens fucks Andy Taylor in today’s Helix Studios release, called “Cream Pie Guys“. Exotic bronze skinned beauty Andy Taylor and clean cut, muscle twink Travis Stevens combine their salacious sexual appetites in this piping hot, porn lover’s pound fest! With their tongues intertwined, clothes fall to the floor exposing Andy in his Armani’s, which really gets Travis ticking.

He grabs the pretty boy’s plump posterior while Andy reaches for his rocked up rig. Stevens slides down on the bed, sits back like a boss, and accepts a gagging good groin gobbling from his thirsty schlong slave. Taylor tickles his tonsils with Travis’s tip; then, he gives his balls a nice tongue bath. Eager to get a taste of that ass, Stevens invites his cock crazed companion to sit on his face. Not yet finished with his dick dinner, Andy doubles down on the offer and turns the offer into a sizzling 69 session.

Helix Studios

Then, the agile little spinner does a 180 and maneuvers his beautiful butt hole above Stevens’ spit covered cock. He eases every inch inside his smooth sphincter and gets to smashing. Travis big, nut filled nads pump up and down inside his heavy sack, anxious for their owner to start hammering those slender hips of his. Stevens takes the twink on a jock slamming jaunt with a plethora or porny, piston pounding positions, each one opening Andy up more and more. Spread eagle riding cock like a cowboy towards the camera, Andy can no longer hold his load.

All it takes is a few pumps from his palm and pretty boy explodes! Jizz jets from his cock cannon and catapults across the bed. He eases deeper down on that dick with sweet release, squeezing Stevens’ ass smasher and bringing his salty sex seed to the surface. Our top twink sends a tidal wave of wad right at Andy’s freshly fucked ass. The warmth feels good against Taylor’s tender flesh; so, he sits back down on the still creaming cock, filling his fuck hole with fresh, hot heat.

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