Mateo Vice and Damian Grey flip-fuck and Wess Russel takes Boomer Banks’ big raw cock

Here are the two latest updates from CockyBoys of which the most recent one has been released earlier today. Sexy blond jock Wess Russel bottoms for Boomer Banks and takes his big raw cock…. but first; a hot flip-fuck scene in which Mateo Vice and Damian Grey take turns sucking and fucking each other. Both of the scenes are condom-free!

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Mateo Vice and Damian Grey fuck each other


One guess as to who met at the GayVN Awards this year and really hit it off. Mateo Vice and Damian Grey flirted big time, but they didn’t act on it and saved it for the raw flip-fuck you see here. Mateo uses a sensual approach with Damian who responds by sucking him and pleasing a vocal Mateo to no end. And after getting it so good Mateo is just as happy to give Damian’s cock the same thoughtful pleasure.

After giving some deep-throating and ball-sucking action Mateo only has to ask and Damian slides his hole over Mateo’s cock and rides him. Mateo lets Damian ride his cock the way he likes it..which is also as Mateo likes it. So when Damian remounts Mateo in reverse cowboy they achieve mutual compatibility very easily…from slow & sensual to hard & deep. And they’re both on the same page when they decide to flip.


Wess Russel takes Boomer Banks’ big raw cock


It may be cold outside but Wess Russel is happy and warm inside, making out with Boomer Banks, and telling him that the best part of the weather, “is that I get to ride your dick all day”. Wess excites Boomer even more by calling him “daddy”, and dutifully sucking his cock. Boomer feels up the hole given up to him, but before he takes ownership he gives Wess a deep pleasurable blowjob.

Bending Wess over, Boomer rims and tongue fucks his hole and then slides in his whole raw cock…just like Wess wants. Boomer fucks Wess, opening him up and moving slow and deep inside him and making out again. But then he bears down and gives him deep powerful thrusts. He gives Wess a brief break, taking him on his lap again to make out, but after lowerins him upside down, Boomer sees Wess is eagerly ready for a piledriver.

Boomer brings Wess up to ride his cock and he takes him to another level by thrusting in deep. After going back and forth like this Boomer flips Wess to his back and passionately drives into him. He takes him sideways and gives Wess a slight break but soon thrusts in again harder. Finally Boomer finishes Wess off on his back, fucking a huge rocketing gusher out of him. Boomer slides up to give Wess a facial and gets his cock sucked dry. Wess may be ready for more but a spent Boomer declares “Nap time!”



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