Jake Jordan fucks Elye Black and Marco jerks off for Active Duty

The latest release from military-themed Active Duty brings together sexy young hunks Jake Jordan and Elye Black. The two kick back on the bed in their underwear as they stroke their cocks. Once they start to get hard they drop them and Elye Black wraps his eager mouth around Jake’s cock taking every inch of it in. Jake Jordan is a smooth man with full balls that Elye is taking care of.

Jake kicks his head back and enjoys the mouth of a man for the first time and by the look on his face we all know he is loving every minute of it. Elye blows Jake all over the bed until he has him rock hard and then he tells him to fuck his tight ass. This will be Jake’s first time pushing his cock into a mans tight ass and as he mounts up onto Elye he spreads his hole and slowly eases himself into him balls deep and they both begin to moan in pleasure.

Jake has every inch inside him and slowly begins to pump into Elye making him squirm and tell Jake how great it feels. Jake fucks Elye in several different positions on the bed and you can tell Jake loves that tight ass as he thrusts harder and deeper into Elye’s tight little ass. Jake can’t believe how great it feels and as he is fucking him balls deep Elye blasts his load all over the place with Jake still inside him. Jake didn’t expect that but it makes him pull his cock out and he shoots his warm built up load all over Elye.

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Watch Jake Jordan plow Elye Back’s tight ass at Active Duty


Watch Jake Jordan and Elye Black fuck in the full video


In case you’ve missed Marco’s solo debut a few days ago, here’s the trailer.

Marco doesn’t waste any time and he begins to take all his clothes off. He grabs some lube and starts rubbing it all over his cock and soon enough his dick is hard thick and big. He slowly strokes his shaft all the way up and back down to his full balls. Marco III is ripped and fit like none other and he has a big bubble ass that just sticks right out.

He likes to lay down on the bed so once he was done stroking his dick standing up he jumps back on the bed legs spread out and continues to build up his balls as he strokes his big thick cock faster and faster. The veins in his hands are popping out as he grips his sexy throbbing cock. Marco strokes his dick a few more times and he gives us the heads up that he’s about to pop so Claude moves in for the shot and than Marco shoots his thick creamy load all up and down his chest.


Active Duty

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