Helix update: Max Carter, Collin Adams, Kevin Daley, Kyle Ross, Marcell Tykes & Travis Stevens

Here are the three latest scenes from Helix Studios. The sexy Max Carter gives Collin Adams’ ass a good workout in “Creamed“. The second scene is called “Huge” and shows us Kyle Ross taking Kevin Daley’s big piece of meat. Travis Stevens returns to Helix Studios after a 3+ years break. He has been paired up with Marcell Tykes in “Raw Rubdown” and Marcell is happy to take Travis’ juicy 8 inch cock.

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“Creamed” – Max Carter and Collin Adams


Max Carter is scalding hot and takes complete control of cock-hungry twink boy Collin Adams in this scorcher! A magnetic connection is clear from the start as the perfect pair get hot and heavy in a beautifully romantic bedroom. After a steamy make out session, our blond Adonis pushes the pretty boy onto the bed and kisses his way down to Collin’s cock. He teases the twink with tiny kisses over his sexy black undies before pulling them down, releasing Adams’ rocked up appendage with a spring and a loud slap that smacks against Collin’s equally hard stomach.

Max works his own cock while giving Collin a rock socking suck job before standing to allow Adams access to his hardened hog. Adams chokes down Carter’s dick while Max cranks up the heat with a hand to the back of the boy’s head as he fucks his face. Anxious to get at Adams’ amazing ass, Max manages the young man back onto the bed and, flips his legs over head with ease. Then, Carter crams Collin’s can with a warm tongue and welcome fingers before the boy begs for a fucking. So, Mr. Max flips pretty boy like a pancake and a raw dogs the dude.

There’s no doubt Carter is in complete control, maneuvering his horny play thing where he wants and looking fine as fuck doing it. His washboard abs flex when flipping Collin onto his back before burying his bone back in and banging booty as Collin’s hard cock bounces to the raunchy rhythm. When Max lays down, Adams knows to sit his fine little ass back down on that dick so, the pair work can work in tandem to tenderize his hot hole. Completely in sync, Carter smacks Collin’s caboose and his turns around, giving the camera an epic ass banging, schlong shaking show. The porny position does the trick for Max and he muscles a mighty load of leche’ into the lad’s loins. The warm sensation fills Adams’ ass and he launches one of the best cum shots of the year, right in his own face!


“Huge” – Kevin Daley and Kyle Ross


This sex soaked scene couldn’t start out better! We catch hard bodied, Big-dicked Kevin Daley sudsing up in the shower before bed looking absolutely yummy! Daley looks like a dream as the water runs over every chiseled muscle and drips down his warmed up wang which is swaying around with some seriously strong, schlong swagger. The fresh, clean cock slinger wraps a towel around himself and gets ready to head to bed; but, there’s just one issue. Kyle Ross is on the bed in tightie-whities and that ass is looking all kinds of edible! It looks like these guys will be taking 2 showers tonight ‘cause these clean boys are about to get good and dirty!

Kyle’s backseat has a superpower Daley can’t deny; and, soon enough, the tattooed titan face plants into pretty boy’s booty and devours that ass like dinner! Not wanting Kyle to go to bed hungry, Daley dangles his delicious dick right down the gorgeous golden haired boy’s gullet. Then, he bends at the hips to give Kyle some head in a hog hefty 69, suck fest. We definitely aren’t mad at the mouth watering view of our tatted top’s tasty tush here! After basting his boy on both sides, Kevin feels Kyle is finally ripe and open enough for his big, booty bulldozer.

Kyle never met a massive piece of meat he didn’t like and welcomes this whopper inside his perfect ass with ease. So, Kevin puts the cock pedal to the metal! Kevin delivers dick fast, rough and raw, only slowing down to suck face sensually with the beautiful boy he’s splitting in two to soften the blow. Ross is keeping right up with him though, even when being banged from behind Kyle only calls out for more of that colossal cock! After a perfect pile driver, our sexy schlong slammer slides them both onto their side, where it’s easier to kiss Kyle and still dick him down!

Kevin can sense Ross’ big rig is getting ready to roar; so, he picks up the pace, punishing pretty boy’s posterior with a perfect porny pounding. Naturally, our blond bottom busts like a beast, blasting boy butter all over himself. Kevin isn’t far behind. He pulls his piece out and splashes seed all inside Kyle’s smooth seat. Then, Mr. Extra Large crams his cum slicked cock back up Kyle’s still hungry hole. There’s nothing like a warm, yummy, creamy finale folks!


“Raw Rubdown” – Travis Stevens and Marcell Tykes


Trained dancer, Marcell Tykes is a bit sore from rehearsal and needs his tight twunk muscles rubbed down. Lucky for him, blond babe Travis Stevens makes in house calls and, the cock hungry cutie quickly gets to work on our beautiful, bronze ballet boy. Travis takes his sweet time, enjoying every inch of Marcell’s lean, mean, muscled body while working out every kink in the sexy, sore, tasty twink. Marcell’s meaty booty is one of the best butts on the planet and, Travis can’t help but take a trip down south to knead that delicious donk like dough.

One hit of bottom boy’s hot hind is all it takes and, our master masseur is hooked! Stevens slips off the dude’s drawers and plants his pretty face in Tykes’ tight tush, tongue fucking the fine ass fella for all he’s worth. Stevens goes in on his work area till he’s cocked up and confident his main muscle will slip snuggly in Tykes’ tight tunnel and cause his cock craving client to moan for more! The boys make full use of Marcell’s mattress in this bareback bangathon, serving up several schlong stiffening positions before both boys end this massage with a happy ending.

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