Bruce Beckham fucks hung bottom Jack Hunter in “Stranded” part two from

The second scene from the mini-series “Stranded” brings together beefy top Bruce Beckham and hung bottom Jack Hunter. The scene has been rewarded with a 77% rating, which is a little on the low side if you ask me – even though the video is a little bit weird.

Sexy blue-eyed Jack Hunter wanders off to find some food. The tall cutie unknowingly eats a poisonous mushroom that causes him to hallucinate a steamy sex session with the show’s producer, Bruce Beckham.

The muscular, brown-haired hunk teases Jack’s hole with his wet tongue before slowly penetrating his bottom with his big, thick, hard dick. They each blow a load and Jack soon snaps out of it. Did they really just have sex?


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Watch Bruce Beckham fuck hung bottom Jack Hunter in “Stranded” part two


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