Asher gets fucked by Daniel in his first Sean Cody scene without boyfriend Deacon

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Good 3.9

A week ago, Sean Cody released Deacon’s first scene without his boyfriend Asher. He got his ass fucked by Randy in an amazing scene. This time, it’s Asher’s turn to perform without his other half. He has been paired up with muscle stud Daniel.┬áThe scene opens with Asher and Daniel fooling around in and around the pool. The guys clearly enjoy each other’s company and have a great time.

Then after some poolside chit-chat, the guys head straight into the sauna. The sweaty guys make out and use their hands to explore each other’s bodies. While Daniel keeps his boxers on, Asher gets completely naked and gets his hole fingered. The guys continue to suck face, even once they are out of the steamy sauna.

Asher then drops to his knees and starts to suck Daniel’s daddy dick. After a very short oral part, Asher lays down on his belly. Daniel gives Asher’s hole a quick lick and then buries his throbbing dick deep inside of him. Daniel fucks him good, using different speeds and angles. Asher takes Daniel’s cock back into his mouth, before impaling himself onto Daniel’s cock. Daniel jackhammers his hole from below, while Asher strokes his uncut cock and then eventually drops his first load onto Daniel’s hairy leg.

Asher then moves into a shoulder stand position, so Daniel can pummels his hole from above. Within no time, Asher shoots his second load… which lands in his own face. Daniel follows suit and sprays his load onto Asher’s ass. Daniel uses Asher’s mouth to clean his cock and get ready for the second part of the scene. Daniel gets a bit more dominant and rough now and fucks Asher’s face, while fingering his hole.

Sean Cody

Daniel then rims Asher’s ass before shoving his cock back inside. The sexy daddy makes it clear that he is the one in charge as he continues to pound his ass… even putting his foot on his bottom’s face. After some quick ass-to-mouth action, Daniel then fucks him from behind before shooting his second load. It’s an impressive load that lands right into Asher’s mouth and on his face. It’s an incredible facial, very well captured by two different cameras! Daniel uses his hands to scoop up a part of his load and feeds it to Asher and even licks some his cum up and then spit it on Asher.

While Daniel and Asher had great chemistry going on during the intro, it sagged considerably once they started fucking. I really loved the plenty of ass-to-mouth action and great cumshots in this scene, but Daniel has performed much better in previous scenes. Also, Asher was a little too passive at times. It’s still a pretty decent scene, but (unfortunately) Asher’s first scene without his partner isn’t as impressive as Deacon’s scene.

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