Liam Knox takes Dakota Rivers’ big cock in “Dick Danger 2” part four from Titan Men

Titan Men has released the fourth and final scene from their movie “Dick Danger 2“. For this scene, director Jasun Mark has paired up hot masculine studs Dakota Rivers and Liam Knox. This is his city. Nothing happens here without Dick coming out on top – unless he encounters the likes of Dakota Rivers, who always has his back.

The two slowly ditch their fedoras and tight tank tops, Dakota going down on his private dick. “That’s why I trust you with anything,” moans Liam, bending down for a kiss before getting on his knees to engulf the tall, tattooed jock’s rod. Dakota moans as he gets worshipped, his hand roaming to tease Liam’s hole.

He eats out the private eye before owning his ass, Liam moaning as he takes it deep. The sweaty bottom turns over, stroking his steel shaft as he gets fucked, whipping it against Dakota’s groin before they both unload.

Watch Dakota Rivers fuck Liam Knox in “Dick Danger 2” part four


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