Mickael Lane, Manuel Skye & Marco Vallant fuck in “Ramming My Daughter’s Boyfriend”

Today’s release from the Men.com network marks the debut of porn newcomer Mickael Lane. In this scene – called “Ramming My Daughter’s Boyfriend” – he teams up with Manuel Skye to fuck his girlfriend’s dad. Marco Vallant finds his daughter’s phone just as it happens to be receiving a dick pic from her new boyfriend, who later shows up at the door.

He’s curious and decides to test him out on behalf of his daughter. He invites his soon-to-be son in law in and confronts him with his own dick pic. It doesn’t take long before Marco has his lips wrapped around that same dick. The test drive is far from over. Actually things are just getting started as Marco bends over to take Mickael’s hard cock up his ass.

The guys fuck in different positions and they both seem to have a great time, as all of a sudden Manuel Skye walks in on them. He’s shocked and asks Marco who the hell that guy is. No longer in shock but rather horny, Manuel decides to join in. He teams up with Mickael to fuck Marco from both sides. What a family bonding activity!

Watch Mickael Lane and Manuel Skye fuck Marco Valllant at Men.com


Watch Mickael Lane, Manuel Skye and Marco Vallant fuck at Men.com


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