Julian Knowles bottoms for Liam Knox in “Beef” part four from Titan Men

Titan Men has released the fourth scene from their “Beef” movie. Director Jasun Mark has paired up beefy and hairy studs Liam Knox and Julian Knowles. Stroking in the shower, Liam gets interrupted by the doorbell from handyman Julian – who checks under the sink. Liam likes the view, rubbing his bulge as the blue-collar stud fixes his pipes and asks, “Anything else I can do for you?”

Liam smiles, his boner popping out in Julian’s face. The handyman deep throats Liam, who then plants his nose in Julian’s pubes. He swallows Julian’s thick cock, then tongues his hole before fucking him from behind. He gets Julian on his back, sliding all the way in. The bottom sits down on Liam (“Ride that dick! Come on!”), squirting as he bounces – Liam then releasing with the bottom’s cock in his mouth.

Watch Liam Knox fuck Julian Knowles in “Beef” part four


Watch Julian Knowles and Liam Knox fuck in the full Titan Men video


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