Uncut muscle top Jason Vario bangs Lorenzo Flexx in “Beef” part two from Titan Men

Director Jasun Mark has paired up Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx for a hot outdoor fuck. This is the second scene from the Titan Men movie “Beef“. Out of the pool, Jason stands over Lorenzo, who oils the alpha’s muscles. He works the stud’s legs, freeing Jason’s uncut cock. Lorenzo massages his ass, Jason’s dick getting harder as it rubs Lorenzo’s chest.

Lorenzo engulfs it, choking as a steady stream of spit runs down Jason’s sack. Jason holds the sucker’s head down as he fucks his face. Lorenzo munches on Jason’s jock hole before getting sucked, then gets eaten before the top rams him from behind, slapping his ass and wrapping his arm around the bottom. On his back, Lorenzo strokes out his load as he gets fucked, Jason licking a drop of cum off his own fingers before squirting on him.

Watch Lorenzo Flexx bottom for Jason Vario in “Beef” part two


Watch Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx fuck in “Beef” part two


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