“Slutty High School Boys”: Teacher Doryann Marguet makes you want to go back to school

Over the past couple of weeks, the guys from French Twinks have released an incredibly hot mini-series. Teacher Doryann Marguet is the hunk of the school and the main character in “Slutty High School Boys“. The fourth and final scene has been released yesterday, which means that we can now follow and enjoy all of his horny high school adventures… for now at least, because the French studio is planning to film a sequel in January 2018.

After watching all four scenes, I have to admit that I have never wanted to go back to high school this bad. However, my teachers were never as hot as Doryann, so it might be a total let-down. Actually, it might be a better idea to check out the hardcore video trailer for the individual scenes.

Watch the full-length “Slutty High School Boys” series at French Twinks


Episode 1: Blackmail and Perversion

Performers: Doryann Marguet, Ryan Marchal and Fabien Cortes


Chemistry teacher Mr. Cortes is having trouble keeping his class under control. Enzo, Ryan, Paul, Jonathan and their comrades do everything possible to drive him nuts. Gabriel is the only one trying to work, which makes him the teacher’s pet in the eyes of his class mates. Mr Cortes thinks of a different – but rather controversial – plan to get the control back. Once the class is over, he offers Ryan Marchal an explicit deal to get his diploma.

The young troublemaker takes the deal and kneels to suck his teacher’s cock. As soon as Ryan is fully undressed, Mr. Cortes starts to prepare the boy’s tight hole with his tongue and fingers. Completely lost in the moment, Fabien Cortes doesn’t hear Mr. Marguet coming in. Doryann is more than just a colleague. He happens to be Fabien’s fuck buddy, so he decides to join in and help teach Ryan a lesson.

Doryann fucks the student’s ass, while Fabien fills his mouth up with meat. Mr. Cortes is the next one to get fucked. Mr. Marguet and Ryan take turns fucking him on his desk, before the two of them shoot their big creamy loads and give the teacher’s glasses a sticky coating.


Episode 2: The Marguet’s Method

Performers: Doryann Marguet and Jonathan Garnier


This second scene starts with Ryan telling Jonathan about his threesome with the two teachers. It turns out Paul has a crush on the hairy teacher and envies his buddy. Later, when Jonathan Garnier tries to skip class and leave early he runs into Mr. Marguet. He tries to blackmail the teacher in order to stay out of trouble. However, Doryann isn’t one to easily blackmail and decides to demonstrate his pedagogical techniques, right there and then in the hallway. The teacher offers Jonathan his big juicy cock for him to suck on.

Doryann then starts to work on the student’s tight pink hole. He spanks his ass and licks his hole, before fucking the twink from behind. The insolent student tells Mr. Marguet that it takes more to discipline him. Doryann lays on the floor and orders the boy to sit on his hard cock. He pulls Jonathan’s legs up and starts to fuck his hole hard and deep. After the intense drilling session, Marguet pulls out and showers the boy’s handsome face with his big cum load.


Episode 3: Paul’s Ectasy

Performers: Doryann Marguet and Paul Delay


Once again Paul, Enzo and Gabriel have been suspended from class by Mr. Cortes. The boys are happy to have some free time off and fool around in the school’s corridors. Mr. Marguet just comes out of the teacher’s room – holding a glass of water – when Paul crashes into him. Mr. Marguet is soaked and Paul tries to apologize for his clumsiness. Doryann storms off and Paul is afraid he wasted his chance to seduce his hunky teacher.

Trying to apologize once more, Paul walks into Mr. Marguet’s classroom, where he finds his professor half naked… trying to dry his shirt. When Paul says that he’s ready for anything to be forgiven, Mr. Marguet takes it quite literally. He tells Paul to suck his dick and Paul obliges. Doryann clearly enjoys the intense blowjob and then starts to face-fuck the young twink boy. Paul’s wildest fantasies come true, as the teacher starts to finger his boy hole.

Doryann starts to plow Paul’s ass in various positions. Paul’s moans indicate that he wants more and more. Doryann continues to fuck his hole until he’s ready to blow his load. He pulls out and shoots a big creamy load all over the twink’s face. It’s a private lesson that Paul won’t forget any time soon.


Episode 4: One Hour Detention

Performers: Doryann Marguet, Paul Delay, Gabriel Lambert and Enzo Lemercier


During detention, Paul, Gabriel and Enzo expect to copy lines, but hunky teacher Mr. Marguet has a different idea. He’s going to teach them a practical course of anatomy and calls Gabriel Lambert to undress himself in front of his class mates. The student is embarrassed and shy, but Doryann insists he strips naked, so he can use him as a living anatomical model. Doryann pulls Gabriel’s foreskin back and begins to explain the function of the glans.

Gabriel is as embarrassed as he is excited and he can’t hide his growing erection. Mr Marguet – who was waiting for this to happen – slowly starts to stroke the boy’s cock. Enzo and Paul are captivated by the sight of the teacher jerking off their class mate and cannot resist to pull out their growing cocks. Doryann orders the two boys to drop their pants and lines them up for a good spanking with a ruler and his belt.

Mr. Marguet then decide to test their oral skills. From this moment, things turn into a real orgy – sucking each other’s dicks – before fucking each other in the class room. Doryann plows Gabriel’s ass while Paul takes Enzo’s dick. After a while, the guys swap places. Gabriel and Enzo fuck, while Doryann takes care of Paul’s ass (again). It is Gabriel who ends up with a face full of cum as the other guys shoot their loads.


Watch all four scenes from “Slutty High School Boys” at French Twinks


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