President Oaks, President Nelson and Bishop Angus abuse Elder Sorensen

The latest release from Mormon Boyz is a hot foursome! Elder Sorensen sat patiently in a dark room in the temple. He knew he was expected to meet with President Oaks, but he didn’t know what the handsome leader would ask of him. His mind began to drift in the blackness of the room, stray thoughts coming in and out of his head.

Just then, one right after the other, President Oaks, President Nelson and Bishop Angus all entered the dark room… together. The young man couldn’t believe his luck. He loved these men and would truly do anything they wanted. Once Elder Sorensen was down to just his garment shorts, Presidents Oaks and Nelson flanked him on either side, running their strong hands down his tight, smooth torso, trailing the length of his body down to the hem of his garment top.

Each man then snuck their hands up the legs of the boy’s garment bottoms, fondling his genitals from beneath. Bishop Angus rubbed his growing erection through his pants as his colleagues continued to dominate their young devotee. As his excitement built, he pulled his cock out of his pants, catching the missionary’s lustful eye. “Sorenson,” President Nelson whispered in the boy’s ear, seeing the boy’s attention shift. “Suck his dick.”

Elder Sorenson obediently bent down on all fours as Bishop Angus stepped himself closer. As the boy brought his mouth to Angus’ member, President Oaks gently pulled down his garments, exposing just enough for Sorenson’s hole to be out and available. Elder Sorenson truly worshipped Bishop Angus’ cock. He loved the man more than he could say and savored every chance he had to service him.

As the thick cock filled his mouth, Sorenson couldn’t help but look up at the bearded man, eager to see the expression on his face. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing him close his eyes and smile from his efforts. Bishop Angus loved the boy as well, never missing the chance to place a hand gently on the back of his head and hold him supportively. He’d seen this boy grow and mature throughout his induction and couldn’t believe what a perfect cocksucker he’d become.

“Elder Sorenson,” Nelson spoke to him again. “Suck his dick.” The Mormon looked behind him, seeing President Oaks standing tall, stripped down to his garments with his large erection poking up. Sorenson turned his body around as the daddy removed his shorts, freeing his cock for the boy’s mouth to suck. As he serviced President Oaks, he felt Angus working his hole from behind with his thumb.

He focused his mind solely on President Oaks, wanting to give him the service he knew he deserved, but deep down he wanted to feel Angus completely own his ass. Bishop Angus admired the young man’s cheeks and pucker, knowing well what it was like to have his cock sheathed inside. Once his thumb was penetrated deep, he could tell the boy was ready for more, and he was happy to reward him for his hard work.

With a solid motion, Angus pushed his cock deep inside Sorenson and held it still for a moment.  Sorenson kept his hole open to the bishop, letting the muscle daddy work him from behind as he desired, but never letting the president’s cock slip off his lips. As he was filled from both sides, he felt President Nelson grope and fondle his body all over. Without having to think of anything other than the pleasure of the three men, he felt himself become free of any worry. His mission was clear and his attention was pointed: do anything and everything they wanted.

Watch Elder Sorensen getting abused at Mormon Boyz


Watch Oaks, Angus & Nelson abuse Elder Sorensen at Mormon Boyz


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