Colby Jansen fucks Skyy Knox in “Pre Break-Up Pleasures” from Colby’s Crew

Colby’s Crew (the website from Colby Jansen) has today released a hot scene, called “Pre Break-Up Pleasures“, starring Colby Jansen himself and the sexy Skyy Knox. Colby is at the cottage, tending to the fire in the wood stove when a knock at the door breaks the stillness of the air. He answers the door, eyeing a hunky Skyy Knox stranded as his car is stuck in the snow down the road.

Unfortunately, Colby’s Crew does no longer exist

The winter may be cold, but things in the cottage have just heated up a notch. Hospitable host that he is, Colby offers the stud a beer while he waits. Wondering what this hot specimen of a man was doing so far from anywhere, Colby asks him what brought him so deep in the middle of nowhere. Skyy explains that he just came by to break up with his boyfriend, He’s just too eager to slut around with other dudes.

Well, Colby needs no more prodding. Within seconds the studly visitor is mouth deep onto Colby’ stiff boner. Then, Colby figures it’s time for him to show his stranded guest his own cocksucking abilities. Colby’s head is bopping up and down, sucking with gusto on the raging hard-on between the abslucious jock legs. Skyy turns and gives Colby a site he can’t keep away from. He dives deep into the stud’s ass, lapping and sucking feverishly while jacking his own cock.

Colby then moves in for the pounding he’s been warming up for. Skyy may be stranded, but his butthole has found the assistance it needs. He just can’t spread his legs wide enough. Colby keeps up the assault and Skyy can’t keep his load in. He jacks a load out of his cock that spreads across his tight abs. Colby is only seconds away from adding his load.


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