Sean Duran fucks John Anders and Ian Greene in “Drive Thru” part 3 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the third part from their “Drive Thru” movie. It’s a hot and passionate threesome. Fast food workers Ian Greene and John Anders are hard at work in the drive thru when tatted stud Sean Duran comes to the order speaker asking for something with the ‘most meat.’

Ian tells him to pull up to the window and Sean asks for some cake. Confused, Ian and John tell the customer they don’t sell cake. Sean looks down and says, ‘you have plenty of cake.’ Ian drops his pants and sticks his ass out of the Drive Thru window for Sean to bury his face in. The car waiting in line honks as Sean switches between licking Ian and John’s cakes.

The boys return the favor by taking turns slurping down Sean’s wiener. Ian and John climb out of the window and meet Sean at the back of his truck where John gets bent over first. Ian feeds John his meat from the front while Sean pounds him from behind. Things move to the bed of Sean’s truck and Ian gets his ass slicked and fingered one more time by Sean while he sucks on John’s cock.

Sean sticks his fuck stick into Ian’s eager hole while John continues to face fuck Ian. Sean climax’s a thick load onto Ian’s ass and John releases thick ropes into Ian’s awaiting mouth. Ian finishes with a milky shot to his abs.

Watch Sean Duran fuck John Anders and Ian Greene


Watch Sean Duran fuck John Anders and Ian Greene at Raging Stallion

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