Marq Daniels gets rough with Tyler Berg in this bareback release from Lucas Entertainment

Tyler Berg has had his eye on Marq Daniels ever since he started out as an exclusive for Lucas Entertainment. Marq is a beautiful guy to look at, and his body is perfect; there’s not an ounce of fat on him. Tyler has been eager to see Marq’s dick for a long time, and one night as it gets dark out Tyler makes his move.

Much to his excitement, Marq is willing to give Tyler a go. Marq Daniels is strictly a top, which is perfect for Tyler. When Tyler Berg sees the beautiful dick Marq has been hiding in his jeans, he immediately sets out to suck it until it’s hard. Marq loves getting rough with his bottoms, as you will see in this farmer-style bareback release.

Watch Marq Daniels raw-fuck Tyler Berg at Lucas Entertainment


Watch Marq Daniels get rough with Tyler Berg at Lucas Entertainment

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