Brad Chase gets fucked by bi-sexual newcomer Wyatt Walker in “Beauties by the Bay”

The latest bareback release from Helix Studios is called “Beauties by the Bay“, which is the first scene for bi-sexual newcomer Wyatt Walker. He has been paired up with Brad Chase for some hot raw action. It’s a beautiful day by the bay; sexy young hunks Brad Chase and Wyatt Walker are adding to that beauty.

Enjoying the scenery while stealing lusty looks at each other, this perfect pairing flirt hard core before bringing that heat somewhere more personal. Country boy Wyatt has a world class wang that gets cock crazed Chase on his knees in light speed! Wyatt is a logger in his home town and has quite the lovely log of his own! The thing is like a redwood! The boys toss each other’s tonsils, rearranging each other’s throats with each deep thrust.

Wyatt Walker fucks Brad Chase

Wyatt waxes Brad’s butt with his tongue before slamming his entire logger length inside. Then, in a magical moment of “take you’r bottom to work day” he shows us how true country loggers handle shit, hard, raw and quick. Brad can’t keep his hands off his own handle, bringing his balls up to watch the wonder of Wyatt wailing on his perfect ass.

Walker devastates Brad’s bubble in every position, pounding the kid like raw meat with his raw rod. Relaxing into it, a calm ecstasy cums over Chase’s angelic face; then, pure pleasure unleashes from both boy’s big boners. They cover one another with cock, cum and finish with kisses.

Watch newcomer Wyatt Walker fuck Brad Chase at Helix Studios

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Watch Brad Chase getting fucked by Wyatt Walker at Helix Studios


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