Big-dicked lad Brute Club stretches Robbie Rojo’s greedy hole at UK Naked Men

In this new release from UK Naked Men we’ve got a little taste of everything on this smorgasbord of sex, two stunning hot bubble butts, sneaker sniffing, ripe socks and sweaty feet AND of course throbbing uncut cocks. These lads are a real treat too, the stunning best newcomer Brute Club and ripped, tanned and stunning – Robbie Rojo.

The lads have been playing football and building up quite a sweat, stretched out on the bed they get down to the matter in hand – feet. Sliding each others feet out of those sneakers Robbie gets a good lungful of Brute’s hot feet, and then as temperature rise, the clothes come off and Brute’s monster club is stiffening, that bloated head pushing back the long foreskin so Robbie can feats on its steaming dripping length.

We wanted Robbie down on his front so you’ve got two sets of magnificent buttocks to watch as Brute’s uncut dick slides right in and right out of Robbie’s trembling, muscular arse. And you know when Brute cums he really cums, stand back gents its gusher!

Watch Brute Club stretching Robbie Rojo’s greedy hole at UK Naked Men


Watch Brute Club stretching Robbie Rojo’s hole at UK Naked Men


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