Tyler Hill welcomes Christian Bay to Helix Studios by taking his big dick

Christian Bay is a gorgeous guy with a Hollywood smile. Helix Studios has paired him up with Tyler Hill to show him the ropes and get to know more about this hot new addition to the Helix Studios roster. Tyler’s a pro and knows all the right things to ask. The guys cover it all, from Christian’s coming out story to Tyler’s days as a high school wrestler!

Once the guys get down to the nitty gritty their chemistry explodes off screen! Starting out with a smoldering hot make-out session the guys quickly move on to some cock grabbing and don’t let up from there! Christian is a great addition to Helix and brings a lot to the table… and to Tyler’s hungry mouth! The kid is packing A perfect complexion and a tight toned torso adorned with one perfectly placed tattoo and a nice big dick which Tyler can’t seem to get enough of!

Christian is eager to please and gives Tyler exactly what he needs, a lot of cock in each end! The boys bang in several different positions till finally Tyler explodes with creamy goodness! This sends Christian over the edge and he busts all over Tyler’s balls!  Christian Bay, you’r a great addition to the Helix family!

Watch Tyler Hill take Christian Bay’s big dick at Helix Studios

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Watch Tyler Hill take Christian Bay’s big dick at Helix Studios


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