Mitch Hanson and Quentin Gainz suck and fuck each other in “Monday Morning Blues”

Monday Morning Blues” is the title of Next Door Raw‘s latest release.  With another work week staring him in the face, Mitch Hanson needs all the inspiration he can get just to motivate himself. While he hates his job, he must admit that there is one perk to going into the office, and that perk is co-worker Quentin Gainz.

Quentin’s soft eyes and ripped frame dance in Mitch’s imagination, and he throws his head back against the couch as he strokes himself off, fantasizing about all the things he’d do to Quentin if he were allowed to do so; slowly unzipping Quentin’s jeans and going down on him.

Feeling his meaty cock fill up his mouth, eating Quentin’s perfect ass before sticking it in, fucking Quentin from behind as he grabs him by the shoulders and pulls him closer, and then switching up and letting Quentin fuck him raw, watching Quentin’s cock go in and out before nutting all over Mitch’s hole. Luckily for Mitch, some fantasies do come true.

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Watch Mitch Hanson and Quentin Gainz flip-fuck at Next Door Raw


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