Killian James bottoms for Rodney Steele in “Relax & Play” from Icon Male

Relay & Play” is the title of the latest Icon Male video.  Killian James is Rodney Steele‘s assistant, he is reminding him about all the tasks that need to be completed. Rodney complains to Killian that he is close to a burn out, he immediately takes advantage of his hot boss’s breakdown and massages his tense neck, which quickly leads to passionate kisses.

It’s not very long till the two are pounding each other’s asses and sucking each other’s hard thick cocks! They both explode with cum bursting orgasms! It was about time they play as hard as they work!

Watch Killian James bottom for Rodney Steele at Icon Male


Watch Killian James bottom for Rodney Steele at Icon Male


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