Anthony Naylor dominates Dmitry Osten and fucks him hard at UK Hot Jocks

UK Hot Jocks has released a very hot and rough scene featuring Anthony Naylor and Dmitry Osten! It takes a special kind of steely temperament to handle an aggressive bottom like Dmitry Osten. He gives back harder than he gets and pushes his tops to breaking point. Anthony Naylor literally grabs him by the harness, pulling him in and showing him who’s boss. They smack and slap each other around, spitting violently in each others faces, this is some seriously horny stuff.

Anthony pushes the boy down, making him lick his boots and exposing his jock framed ass, arched and aimed at the ceiling. Testing his mettle and warming him up he fingers him deep and hard using 3 fingers, Dmitry moans but has his face shoved into the Bosses boots to clean them. Spit and polish done it’s time to work on Anthony’s hard dick. True to form Dmitry pushes himself beyond his own limits, gagging and spluttering on his massive meat, stretching his own throat.

Pinned down and bridled up with his own jock strap Dmitry is ridden like a wild beast, Anthony tugging back on his jock, yanking his head back and pulling him back onto his cock. Anthony’s strong muscular legs do all the work, plowing deep into his hole and making him scream. Twist, flip, upside down… into a full headstand Dmitry is challenged in this epic fuck position! Anthony, stood the right way up, holds onto his ankles and pushes his cock deep into his fuck hole.

Not content with an upside-down-handstand-fuck position, Dmitry uses his hands to wank his big dick, fully balancing on his head as he gets fucked! Taking it down a little notch Dmitry rests on his shoulders, though that only leaves one place for his spunk to go, all over his own face. Anthony’s turns and he fills in any gaps that Dmitry missed, painting his face with a combo of both of their loads.

Watch Anthony Naylor and Dmitry Osten in this aggressive fuck scene


See Anthony Naylor & Dmitry Osten in this aggressive UK Hot Jocks video


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