Bearded stud Amir Dib barebacks Patryk Jankowski at Kristen Bjorn

Masculine studs Patryk Jankowski and Amir Dib from Kristen Bjorn have finally been paired up. You should know that the two of them have been trying to hook up for a while. They display their magnificent muscular bodies to one another and the game is on. Patryk drops to his knees and consumes Amir’s huge cock, showing Amir just how hungry he has been to service his hot cock.

Amir then begins to suck Patryk’s straining cock, taking it nice and slow, knowing that Patryk is on the verge and could explode at any minute. Moving into a 69 position Patryk gets the pleasure of his fantasy man’s cock down his throat as Amir’s wet tongue probes Patryk’s sizzling pink hole. Patryk demands that Amir fuck him and Amir plunges his bare rock hard cock deep within his furry ass.

Amir flips Patryk onto his back and gains a more favorable and deeper access to his dripping hole. Patryk’s ass is full of so much pleasure that Amir has literally fucked the cum right out of him. As Amir pounds his ass harder and harder the cum gushes forth from Patryk’s cock and onto his ripped abs. Amir drenches Patryk’s ball sac with his huge load of cum then rams his cum drenched cock back into Patryk’s hungry hole. Don’t you love when you get to live out your fantasy.

Watch Amir Dib fuck Patryk Jankowski’s bare ass at Kristen Bjorn


Watch Amir Dib and Patryk Jankowski suck and fuck at Kristen Bjorn


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