Diego Senna pounds Abraham Montenegro deep, hard and raw at UK Naked Men

UK Naked Men‘s favourite fuck-boy is back for more rigid lengths of hot, engorged, uncut cock. Our cute bottom boy likes ’em big, big all over and he’s getting it all in the magnificent shape of board, bristling, bulging, butt-buster Diego Senna.

This handsome, uncircumcised stud is a sight to behold and Abraham Montenegro likes to be looking ‘up’! With his bristling beard tickling Diego’s wiry pubic bush and his tongue teasing the gleaming helmet of Diego’s dick – these insatiable fuckers are getting themselves revved up and ready. There’s no bed, no condoms, no lube, just hot spit a hard floor and a wall – and thats ll they need for these cum spattered, bareback fuck.

Diego screws sexy Abraham pressed against the bricks, their pounding bodies glistening with rivulets of sweat! . But even with his arse spread wide, its just NOT deep or hard enough for Abraham – with Diego sitting on the floor, Abraham straddles his muscular thighs and prepare to show stunning Diego what a real ‘pushy-bottom’ looks and feels like!

Watch Diego Senna pound Abraham Montenegro at UK Naked Men


Watch Abraham get pounded by Diego at UK Naked Men

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