Klein Kerr rides Carter Dane’s ass in “Get Even” from Men At Play

Carter rides again in “Get Even” From the moment we announced that Men At Play would be working with CockyBoys exclusive Carter Dane, and released his first scene with Dato Foland ‘Ready to play ‘ back in March, social media seems to have gone Carter Crazy! It’s understandable really. I’m not going to throw adjectives around to describe him, I mean just look at the pictures. I rest my case .

Carter seems to have exploded on the scene out of nowhere and we have been inundated with ”When is Carter Dane coming back?” on twitter and by email and through another media channels that Carter groupies can get their voices heard. During filming of his second scene the beautiful Spanish stud Klein Kerr, also blossoming in front of our eyes, tweeted pics of the two of them on set which fuelled even more of a frenzy of speculation as to when we could finally see these two beauties together.

Well, Ta Dah!, the wait is over. Men At Play have just released “Get Even” , a scene that is so Men At Play in it’s theme, its fine tailoring and its stunning quality men that its set to be the most watched scene of 2016 so far. “Get Even” Carter Dane plays the arrogant, well-groomed elitist so perfectly. His condescending tone to young bronzed Klein , his manservant, is so convincing that to see the down trodden assistant force feeding his huge long cock down Mr Danes throat until tears are forced from his eye ducts is just pure power-reversal heaven!

The slick suited Carter then gets fucked over the breakfast table , his amazing shelf butt (I think his spine has extra vertebrae) protruding from his suit jacket looks like a perfect ripe peach and Klein eats it and pounds it relentlessly. Using Carters tie like he’s riding a pony Klein rips open Carters shirt and strips him bare so we get to see that unbelievable lean muscular torso. If you haven’t seen Carter getting fucked yet, seriously, watch this one . Klein Kerr is his perfect rival. I don’t know what else to tell you, just watch it!

Watch Klein Kerr ride Carter Dane’s ass at Men At Play

Watch Klein Kerr ride Carter Dane’s ass at Men At Play


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