Casey Tanner, Blake Mitchell and Grayson Lange fuck in “Window Shopping” from Helix Studios

This new scene from Helix Studios is called “Window Shopping” and it’s the first scene with Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner since they are back together as boyfriends. For young American twinks like Blake and Casey, a long weekend wouldn’t be complete without a little retail therapy. This time, however, the super cute couple got more than they bargained for when something as innocent as window shopping lead them to the discovery of the perfect partner in threeway play, sweet and sexy Grayson Lange.

When they got their twinkie from the window home, they tossed their newly discovered treasure onto the bed eagerly and with ease. Grayson grinned from ear to ear and the three boys kissed and groped each other as they undressed, but before they could stripe down completely, Casey took young Grayson into his mouth. The boy’s cock grew quickly and the two love birds laid Grayson down onto the bed.

They took turns servicing their newly found fuck boy to the sighing and grunting of all. Next, Blake Mitchell released and began to feed Grayson his massive 9 inch trouser snake and shortly after, young Casey Tanner would do the same. Hungry for helmet, Grayson bobbed on the boys’ boners as they took turns playing with him and each other.

Dominant top, Blake then ordered the two beautiful bottoms to turn over and assume the position and only after admiring and tongue testing their adorable assets, he let them decide who went first. Just how lucky is that twinkie in the window? Find out this and much much more (including some hot DP action) in this extra sexy menage a trois!

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See Casey Tanner, Blake Mitchell and Grayson Lange fuck at Helix Studios


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